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    The new DIRECTV ads are urging viewers to get rid of cable and upgrade to DIRECTV. And how they have executed this campaign is what is so brilliant about it. Through one of the funniest ads you would have seen in a while, DIRECTV suggests that you could be left in a ditch, end up
    Who would have thought it would be Samsung that would have the flair to take on Apple? First it was a product coup and now the commercials. The commercials – they have an eerie resemblance to chapters from Apple’s past. Only that it was between a different opponent and amazingly, the winner is not the
    Just two years ago it wasn’t clear if any of Detroit’s “Big Three” automakers would be doing anything for very much longer, and certainly not Chrysler. Now there’s “a hum” out there and it’s starting to get
     YouTube counted more than 1 trillion playbacks on the video-sharing site this year, or roughly 140 views for every person on Earth. YouTube isn’t serving all that video content without some serious advertising. The video site also shared the most-watched ads on YouTube in 2011, enlisted with the help of  Advertising Age’s Michael
    “Crazy Ones,” the iconic Apple commercial by TBWAChiatDay from the “Think different” campaign of the late 1990s, was always, in a way, about Steve Jobs. Voiced by Richard Dreyfuss, it celebrated “the rebels, the troublemakers, the ones who see things differently” and would therefore change the world. The images showed everyone from John Lennon to

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